Research Highlight

Banana benefits

doi:10.1038/nindia.2011.62 Published online 29 April 2011

The banana pseudostem, disposed off as waste, has been found to be a rich source of of polyphenols or antioxidants.

Researchers studying solvent extracts of the banana pseudostem have found that the total phenolics and total flavonoids in various banana cultivars varied from 7.58 to 291 mg gallic acid equivalent (GAE/g of extract) and from 4 to 80 mg catechin equivalent (CE/g of extract), respectively.

Tests done with acetone extract showed high antioxidant activity in all the cultivars. Experiments with methanol extracts exhibited high metal chelating activity.

One of the banana cultivars, Nanjanagudu Rasabale, showed the highest phenolics(291 mg GAE/g of extract), flavonoids (80 mg CE/g of extract), and antioxidant activity making it a promising source of these useful molecules widely used in functional foods, dietary supplements or anti-aging creams.


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